Take a deep dive into everything Tokyo
has to offer with this free digital magazine.

Do you dream of visiting a city where beautiful pieces of history can be found tucked away between cutting-edge attractions? If Tokyo is a destination on your travel wish list, but you aren’t sure what you should try to see on your future trip—we have just the guide for you. And if you don’t yet know what it is that draws so many North American visitors to Tokyo, then you’re in luck too.

Tokyo Tourism has partnered with a varied group of travellers to put together a review of their experiences in visiting Japan’s capital. The resulting digital magazine, Talking Tokyo, gives you a look into what these North American travellers have discovered on their journeys through the many attractions that Tokyo has to offer.

The magazine shares stories from a host of visitors to Tokyo: everyone from ordinary travellers to one of Canada’s foremost sake masters, sharing the best-kept secrets and most memorable experiences from each of their unique journeys through the city. Whether you hope to find Edo-period shrines tucked between the city’s high-rises or if you would rather find out where to experience virtual reality, Talking Tokyo will guide you to where you need to go. It even checks in with some Air Canada flight attendants to learn from their frequent-flyer wisdom.

With a host of experiences to read about—everything from late nights enjoying local fare at small, homey izakaya restaurants, to explorations through the city’s eclectic fashion scene, to a review of some of the most strange and fascinating souvenirs to bring home with you—one thing is clear: the experiences that you can have in Tokyo are as diverse as the travellers who pass through this busy city.


Talking Tokyo digital magazine