Ramen Raijin is serving up a new ramen dish every month this year.

Start your engines and grab your bibs! The ramen rally at Ramen Raijin is off to a roaring start. What is a ramen rally, you ask? For the restaurant’s sixth anniversary, the chefs at Raijin decided to celebrate with a brand-new crazy challenge: to create a completely original ramen recipe every month in 2019!

The chefs see the rally as a way to reconnect with the excitement and creative energy they remember from first opening the restaurant, letting them take risks and experiment with different styles. Some of the dishes go back to the roots of ramen and introduce Raijin’s customers to traditional Japanese flavours that are different from what’s most popular here in North America. Others will get creative and try new combinations of styles and tastes, or even try to discover what it means to make a truly Canadian ramen.

Chef Soma admits that creating a new ramen from scratch every month has been harder than expected. He’s the creator of February’s delicious Spicy Dragon Miso Ramen, an ode to the traditional flavours of his wife’s hometown of Yamagata. Creating a dish from scratch each month takes a lot of creativity and a lot of prep work.

What’s more, customers have embraced the ramen rally in a big way and demand has been high!

With two months and two delicious ramen dishes down, we’re excited to see what Raijin has in store for us next. So you can imagine our excitement when we got a chance to preview March’s new ramen before it had even been revealed to the public. 

You heard it from us first: starting March

1, you’ll be able to order Mabo Ramen―the newest ramen rally creation. It’s a rich, spicy soup that’s perfect for the cold weather. With spicy ground pork, mushrooms, green onion, tofu cubes, cabbage and vegetables on a bed of curly noodles that are made in-house, its complex peppery flavor and rich silky broth will be sure to fill you up―and warm you up!

As the year continues, the tour of delicious new flavours looks like it will only get more exciting, so be sure to check out what new ramen Raijin is cooking up every month.

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