Get closer than ever to your favourite Japanese stars at this inaugural event featuring concerts, contests, costumes and the coolest fans in Canada.

Are you an anime fan? Does your heart pitter-patter just a bit faster for all things Japanese pop culture? If your answers fall anywhere on the spectrum of “well, yeah” to “OMG YES,” you’re going to want to read on.

The International Fan Festival (IFF) hits Toronto for the first time this month, running from Friday, April 19, through Sunday, April 21. Happening at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, this long-weekend extravaganza is the perfect opportunity for anime-niacs to get up close and personal with their favourite Japanese pop culture stars—and so much more.

Prepare your eyes and ears for a feast because IFF Toronto’s organizers are packing a serious punch when it comes to covering their “five pillars of passion”: anime, music, comics, games and novels. Stroll down Artist Alley to see artists showcasing a wide range of anime-inspired pieces for sale. Stop by the booths set up for special guests to meet, greet and mingle with their fans—and don’t forget your phone to get that perfect selfie! Oh, and be sure to brush up your artistic skills because there will be contests galore. From cosplay costume design to singing to mascot drawing, you’ll have plenty of chances to show off your unique talents. But the spectacular main event will be Saturday night’s live concert with J-Pop superstars DJ Kazu, Konomi Suzuki and Megumi Nakajima. With a prelude from TAM and Akai Ryusei, this show promises to have you up out of your seat and dancing all night long to the tunes you recognize from your favourite movies, games and J-Pop radio.

This is a weekend you won’t want to miss, so round up all your anime-obsessed friends (or make new ones there!) and welcome IFF to Toronto. Tickets are available online or at the door.


IFF Toronto
April 19–21, 2019 | Metro Toronto
Convention Centre, 255 Front St. W.,
Toronto |
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