Navigate your way through a row of tall buildings and condos near College and Bay, and you’ll stumble upon floor-to-ceiling windows that invite you into a trendy and stylish hair salon. Hiroki is a veteran hairstylist who polished his skills in both Japan and Canada over the years before joining forces with partner Jessie to open N15 Hair Salon last September.The name of the salon is a cute reference to November 2015—back when Jessie was still a client of Hiroki’s, and when they decided that they would open a hair salon together.

“Japanese hairstylists really understand Asian hair and there’s quite a demand in Toronto because a lot of people realize how sophisticated our technique is,” says Jessie. At N15 Hair Salon, you’ll be primped and pampered with the latest hairstyles that are trending in Japan, and you’ll have the option to get a digital perm or straight perm using Japanese solutions brought directly from overseas. If you want to change your look with a new hair colour, they will set you up with high-quality hair dyes that are also from Japan.

(Some popular colouring techniques are ombre, sombre and balayage.) You can also get a Japanese hair treatment and eyelash extensions. Pop in on your way home from work or school and freshen up your look!