With cooler weather on the horizon, it won’t be long before we’re all craving our favourite hot teas and instant noodle flavours. But sometimes it can seem like it takes forever to get hot water from a kettle, or worse, a pot on the stove. Yet while a watched pot never boils, you can get hot water conveniently and quickly with the addition of a hot water dispenser to your kitchen. And a hot water dispenser that makes your favourite tea healthier? Even better!

The Panasonic 4.0-Litre electric thermo pot features an inner pot that is coated with Binchotan carbon, a type of charcoal used in traditional Japanese cooking dating back to the Edo period. The superior cooking quality of binchotan comes from its ability to sustain heat, burning at a lower temperature for an extended period of time—longer than traditional charcoal. Binchotan itself is known to have purifying properties, such as the ability to remove chlorine and heavy minerals from water. Like traditional Binchotan charcoal, the coated inner pot in the hot water dispenser does not release odours into the water, ensuring fresher and cleaner-tasting water as it purifies while it heats. What’s more, this specially designed inner pot heats the water in a way that brings out the natural flavours and health benefits of tea, ensuring a tastier, healthier cup.

Panasonic also added its proprietary U-VIP insulation panel to the inner pot, ensuring the water inside is kept warmer for longer. Because of this feature, this hot water dispenser uses up to 40% less energy than other dispensers by needing to do less of the work of reheating the water each time. This ensures quick and easy access to hot water when you finally coax yourself up out of your cosy seat on the couch for a refill. This dispenser even features a timer, so you can set it to be ready just as you emerge out from under the warm covers in the morning, or better yet, as soon as you come in from the cold.