Miso Tan Tan Deluxe: Featuring a miso curry broth, this is one delicious bowl

On the hip stretch of Queen West between Bathurst and Trinity Bellwoods, a game-changing ramen spot recently opened its doors to the neighbourhood—and it’s making miso hungry! (Ahem, sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)

The name Ramen Misoya (“miso store”) may be familiar to globe trotting noodle connoisseurs in the city. With over 100 locations across Japan and 30 more internationally, Misoya has established itself as a leader and innovator in the ramen world— more specifically, in the realm of miso (a savoury, umami-rich fermented soybean mixture). In fact, the brand is so committed to a fab culinary experience that its New York City location has been Michelin Guide– recommended since 2013.

Stepping into Misoya from the chilly fall weather here in Toronto, you’ll find your senses instantly delighted. The newly renovated space features a mixture of wood and metal accents, complemented by oversized greyscale photos splashed across the walls. Speakers playing today’s biggest hits will put a little skip in your step as you’re shown to a table. And when the comforting warmth of brewing miso hits your nose and you hear the familiar sizzle of good things to come from the open kitchen at the back of the restaurant, you’ll feel positively dizzy with ramen-ticipation. (Can’t stop, won’t stop with the bad puns.)

Misoya features a hearty menu of soups, sides and much more, but two dishes stand out above the rest: the GOLD Kome Special and the Miso Tan Tan Deluxe. The former is Misoya’s most popular offering, featuring everything you could possibly want from a ramen bowl: fresh noodles, juicy chashu (sliced pork), egg, bean sprouts, green onions, minced pork, menma (bamboo shoots), fried potatoes and—of course—one of the richest, most flavourful miso broths your tastebuds will have encountered on this side of the Pacific. Feeling spicy? Go with the latter to step up the heat and get extra pork, egg and nori (seaweed).

There’s lots of room to experiment with Misoya’s menu, so feel free to mix and match additional toppings to your heart’s content. Sample everything from corn and butter to kimchi and naruto (fish cakes) in your miso bowl. Meat lovers, add more pork or go with karaage (fried chicken) to tide you over until brunch tomorrow… then come back for more!

GOLD Kome Special

This rich, hearty offering is chock-full of everything you could possibly want in a bowl of ramen.


Deliciously juicy, these little dumplings are a popular side dish and a great way to complement your meal.

Pick your toppings!